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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

MSNBC - Lost Opportunity? Jaymie Durnan & Imad El-Hage

MSNBC - Lost Opportunity?: "businessman, Imad El-Hage, was detained at Washington’s Dulles International Airport on suspicions that he was trying to smuggle weapons out of the country. U.S. Customs inspectors discovered an undeclared semiautomatic .45 caliber pistol and four stun guns in El-Hage’s luggage. They also found he was carrying the business card of Pentagon official Jaymie Durnan. Although he was questioned by FBI agents, El-Hage was allowed to board a plane home to Lebanon because he was carrying a Liberian diplomatic passport.

In any event, Pentagon officials insisted the businessman’s approach was never taken seriously and likened it to one of many “crackpot” ideas that got presented to the U.S. government on the eve of war. Nevertheless, the meeting between El-Hage and Durnan, then special assistant to Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, has attracted the attention of congressional investigators who are probing the Bush administration’s handling of intelligence during the run up to the war on Iraq."


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