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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Notes on Larry Franklin and Naor Gilon.

Notes on Larry Franklin: "Notes on Larry Franklin

Feith (left) and Franklin (right).Larry Franklin is a colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He is currently detail to DIA and loaned to Douglas Feith's operation in the Pentagon. He has been with Feith for about three years.
Sources in Israel are now acknowledging that there is a 'relationship' with Col. Franklin. It is feared that his spying dates back to his time as the Air Force Attache at the US embassy in Tel Aviv. Speculation about Franklin's controller points at Naor Gilon an intelligence operative listed as the 'Minister of Political Affairs' at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC. Naor Gilon poses as a specialist on Iran's nuclear program to spread anti-Iran propaganda.
The FBI has indicated that they are looking for more then one person. This causes speculation to fall on Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen as well as Pentagon Islam expert Harold Rhode. Franklin's boss Douglas J. Feith certainly has to be considered a suspect.
Franklin's handler at the Israeli Embassy is believed to be Naor Gilon. "


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