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Friday, September 10, 2004

WBAY-Wolfowitz No Victory Ever on War on Terror

WBAY-Coverage You Can Count On: Wolfowitz urges patience in war on terror: "Wolfowitz urges patience in war on terror
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WASHINGTON A top defense official says the war on terror won't end quickly and it probably won't conclude decisively.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz says it's unlikely the U-S and its allies will be able to round up every last terrorist and end the war that way. Instead, Wolfowitz predicts that terrorist networks will collapse of their own weight, in much the same way as Nazism and Communism did before them.

Wolfowitz says that doesn't mean the U-S can afford to play the waiting game. He told the Rand Corporation today America must stay on the offensive and fight the war with multiple weapons -- including its military and its economic might."


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