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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

INTEL ALERT: Rice Rebukes Feith for Parroting Likud Line

INTEL ALERT: The Franklin Exchange | This Is Rumor Control: "The reason for the cooperation is obvious: Feith has been the subject of a number of public reports on his ties to Israel. The sensitivities have even reached all the way into the White House office of Condoleezza Rice, George Bush's National Security Advisor. At a high-level policy meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the White House in late 2003, Rice upbraided Feith in front of the NSC staff when he interrupted her to give his own opinion. A participant at the meeting said that it sounded as if Feith was lecturing her. She angrily waved aside his comment: "If we want the Israeli view we'll call in their ambassador," she snapped. Soon after, Feith was ordered by Paul Wolfowitz to remove his collection of framed Likud Party campaign posters from his office wall."


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