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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Newsday.com - AIPAC Spy Ring Fishman, Rothstein, Danziger, Kohr,

Newsday.com - National News: "More evidence from pro-Israel group


December 2, 2004
WASHINGTON -- For the second time this year the FBI yesterday executed search warrants at the office of the nation's most influential pro-Israel lobbying group. The agency also issued grand jury subpoenas on four of its top officers, a signal that the two-year investigation into the alleged transfer of classified material may be winding down.

In a statement late yesterday, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee confirmed that the FBI had obtained additional evidence from two officials who were the subject of search warrants on Aug. 27.

In addition, AIPAC said that agents yesterday "delivered subpoenas requiring the appearance of four senior AIPAC staff before a grand jury."

AIPAC did not identify the two officials whose computer files were seized or the four officials ordered to testify before the federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va. Earlier reports identified one of the two officials as Steve Rosen, AIPAC's top foreign policy expert. His deputy, Keith Weissman, was interviewed by the FBI in August, according to earlier reports.

A source familiar with the inquiry identified the four as AIPAC executive director Howard Kohr, managing director Richard Fishman, communications director Renee Rothstein and research director Rafi Danziger, The Associated Press reported.

For two years the FBI probe had been a covert national security investigation into whether some members of AIPAC were receiving classified materials and passing them onto Israel.

Both AIPAC and Israel have denied the allegations.

But several months ago the probe expanded into a criminal investigation when a Pentagon intelligence expert was observed at a meeting with the AIPAC officials already under surveillance.

The expert, Lawrence A. Franklin, is suspected of having turned over classified material, including a draft presidential policy directive related to Iran. Franklin reportedly has been cooperating with the FBI. "


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