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Friday, January 28, 2005

The Lion's Tale: News: Feith speaks, gives Pentagon tour to juniors

The Lion's Tale: News: "Feith speaks, gives Pentago tour to juniors
by Michal Bornstein

A group of 18 juniors and five teachers visited the Pentagon and were given a tour by Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and JDS parent Douglas Feith, who led the group into the Secretary of Defense’s private office, among other areas, and answered student questions regarding Pentagon policy, on May 16.

“The trip was a great opportunity to see the work and opinions of the administration and their policy workers,” said History teacher Jane Michael.

photo by Julie Brinn Siegel
Undersecretary of Defense Douglas feith points towards special tinting on the windows of his E-ring Pentagon office.

“The highlight of the trip was going to all of the special offices and rooms that are not typically open to the public,” said junior Sarah Ifft.

The group stopped for question-and-answer sessions in Feith’s office and in the conference room used by the Pentagon’s leadership to meet with military commanders around the world via video teleconference.

According to Michael, “the students asked all sorts of questions, even about the Iraqi abuse scandal” adding that “we also addressed many other topics including the United States handing over power to the Iraqi government on June 30, and the possibility of more terrorist attacks.”

The group was also able to visit the Press Room and greatly enjoyed the visit to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s private office.

“Visiting Rumsfeld’s office gave everyone the sense of him as a person, not just as a policy maker,” said Michael.

The majority of the students on the trip are considering enrolling in a foreign policy course next year, according to Michael. Because of the students’ interest in foreign policy, many interesting discussions took place regarding the current state of affairs, she explained.

“For many of these students, Feith put a personal face on the Pentagon,” she said."


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