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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

IMRA - Wednesday, March 23, 2005 Wolfowitz Willing to Dump Shaha Riza.

IMRA - Wednesday, March 23, 2005 Excerpts: Confused party reform.Wolfowitz and Arab Feminist.Jordan's King Abdullah blames Syria and Hezbollah.23 March 2005: "EXCERPTSWASHINGTON, 23 March 2005 - ... Bush's neoconservative hawk Paul Wolfowitz,the Pentagon's architect of the US invasion of Iraq, is dating a Muslim!While battle lines have hardened over ... nomination of Wolfowitz to becomepresident of the World Bank, what many say is really fueling the controversyis concern within the bank over Wolfowitz's reported romantic relationshipwith Shaha Ali Riza, an Arab feminist ... acting manager for ExternalRelations and Outreach for the Middle East and North Africa Region at theWorld Bank.Political foes of Wolfowitz portray him as a leader of Washington's Jewishneo-conservatives driving a blindly pro-Israel policy in the Middle East.Critics have also noted that his sister, Laura, a biologist, lives in Israeland has an Israeli husband. [IMRA: And probably has dual citizenship.]But Wolfowitz, a married father o!
f three,
is said to be so blinded by hisrelationship with Riza, that influential members of the World Bank believeshe played a key role in influencing the Pentagon official to launch the2003 Iraq war. [IMRA: While the President and the Cabinet slept?] As his trusted confident, she is said to be one of most influential Muslimsin Washington.What they are said to share is a passion to establish democracy in theMiddle East.Riza, in her mid-fifties, was born in Tunis and grew up in Saudi Arabia. Herchildhood is said to have done much to shape her commitment to democracy,equal rights and civil liberties in the Arab world based on her first handexperiences.She brought those beliefs with her when she joined the World Bank in 1997.Riza studied at the London School of Economics in the 1970s before taking amaster's degree at St. Anthony's College, Oxford, where she met her formerhusband, Turkish Cypriot Bulent Ali Riza, from whom she is now divorced.After they moved to America, Riza worked!
for the
Iraq Foundation, set up byexpatriates to overthrow Saddam Hussein after the first Gulf War. Shesubsequently joined the National Endowment for Democracy, created byPresident Ronald Reagan to promote American ideals.It was this time that Riza ... started to meet with Wolfowitz aboutreforming the Middle East. They allegedly began dating two years ago.... their relationship is a remarkably closely guarded secret. TheWashington Post says the couple rarely goes out together or demonstratesaffection publicly, according to friends who are aware of the relationship.They attend low-key Washington social events and visit friends' homestogether and Riza also sometimes goes to official functions and dinners withhim, but is not identified as his partner ... ."His womanizing has come home to roost," a Washington insider toldreporters. "Paul was a foreign policy hawk long before he met Riza but itdoesn't look good to be accused of being under the thumb of your mistress."A Wolfowitz oppone!
nt at the
World Bank told a reporter: "Unless Riza givesup her job, this will be an impossible conflict of interest."Wolfowitz married ...in 1968. But they have lived separately since 2001,after allegations he had an affair with an employee at the School ofAdvanced International Studies where he was dean for seven years. They arenow believed to be legally separated.The World Bank's staff association has told executives it has been swampedwith complaints from employees about Wolfowitz.However, Wolfowitz's only comment on the complaints has been a tersestatement issued through a Pentagon spokesman. He said: "If a personalrelationship presents a potential conflict of interest, I will comply withbank policies to resolve the issue."+++HAARETZ 23 Mar.'05:"Abdullah: Syria, Hezbollah promote terror againstIsrael" by Nathan GuttmanQUOTES FROM TEXT: "a new Jordanian initiative to fight anti-Semitism in the Arab world" "Taking the religious component out of the dispute would reduce thete!
nsion and help to find a solution"


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