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Friday, April 29, 2005

UPI Intelligence Watch - Jonathan Pollard Implicates Mossad and AIPAC

UPI Intelligence Watch - (United Press International): "Since the American-Israeli Political Action Committee fired policy director Steve Rosen and senior Iran analyst Keith Weissman a week ago AIPAC released a statement commenting only, "With growing membership, record attendance at events around the country, and continued successes on Capitol Hill, AIPAC is energized and focused on the future," Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, currently serving a life sentence in the United States for passing classified information to Israel, has commented on AIPAC's influence, noting, "I had two particularly memorable terrible days since I was arrested. The first was when the FBI showed me transcripts of statements that Israeli officials made shortly after my arrest. It was clear that the Mossad had three goals. They wanted to put all the blame on the Office for Information Links and Rafi Eitan, they wanted to protect AIPAC at all costs and they wanted to bury me. It was the Mossad that was the source of all the disinformation about me and my character. The lies that I used cocaine and was a mercenary, selling secrets to countries other than Israel, it all came from them.""


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