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Friday, May 20, 2005

Dar Al Hayat: Ayoon Wa Azan ("The Mother of all Smokescreens")

Dar Al Hayat: "Ayoon Wa Azan ("The Mother of all Smokescreens")
Jihad Al Khazen Al-Hayat 2005/05/20

In front of me is the report of charges against Laurence Franklin, the official from the Iran Bureau at the Pentagon; he was accused of spying for Israel. The report includes 23 points or paragraphs; not one refers to the names of Israel's representatives and agents, with whom Franklin was dealing.

The story's background has become known. In June 2003, Franklin, who was working with Douglas Faith, the third man at the Pentagon, went to Tivoli restaurant in Arlington, near Washington, D.C., where he met with Naor Gilon, the political commissioner at the Israeli embassy; Steve Rosen, the Political director at AIPAC and Keith Weissman, the AIPAC expert on Iranian issues, and revealed the content of a document, dated June 25th and marked as "Top Secret".

What Franklin did not know was that the FBI had its eyes on Israel's agents for months and years and that the restaurant was bugged. What a surprise it must have been for the FBI agents to catch an agent, who was not even a target.

APAC expelled Rosen and Weissman; the report does not refer to any of them by name, but only as "American citizen 1" and "American Citizen 2". The word Israel is no where to be found, despite the Israeli embassy's declaration, after the scandal, that Naor Gilon will return to Israel after 3 years of working in Washington, without continuing the fourth year of his representative mission like his predecessors.

How could this be? The reader might imagine the pressure exerted by the Neo Conservatives in Israel's gang, against the FBI, with its men and women (the report was signed by FBI agent Katherine Hana). I read an explanation on the importance of striking out reference to Israel and its spies in the report. In short, had AIPAC and Israel appeared in the affidavit, that might be grounds to make AIPAC register as a lobbyst for a foreign agent or government, affecting its legal status. Furthermore, it could have been used in Congress to follow up espionage operations by Israel. The reader might imagine: had Franklin been disclosing information to a Muslim charity, what id the probability that its name would be in the supporting affidavit? What kind of treatment the organization and its employees would have received ? How accusations of terrorism or aiding terrorism would have been immediately unleashed?

Failing to mention Israel and AIPAC means that Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman from California, and other pillars of the state, will not bother to attend AIPAC's annual meeting, scheduled this month between 22 and 24. Personally, I wish Dr. Rice could reconsider her decision to address the meeting, since she will be among a group bearing loyalty to Israel and not the U.S., spying on the latter, and damaging American interests worldwide.

The FBI said that Franklin was put under surveillance after that lunch; ultimately his house was searched and 83 documents were found, among which there were 38 "Top Secret" documents, 37 "Secret" documents, and 8 "Prohibited" documents. The reader might have noticed at the beginning that Franklin delivered the document, dated 25th June, on the 26th , i.e. all the documents he received were immediately transferred to Israel's spies and agents and the apologists, who cover up the crimes of Ariel Sharon's government.

There will be a preliminary hearing on the 27th of the current month. Investigations will also include a large number of administration officials. This explains the break out of accusations against the FBI. These accusations come from Israel's supporters and Neo Cons in general; the charge is, of course, "antisemtism".

Franklin worked under Faith who founded the Office of Special Plans to make up accusations that led the U.S. to the war after the known intelligence services failed to produce the needed evidence. The office was run by Abram Shulsky, a disciple of Rochard Pearl; all information-gathering operations were run by Wiliam Lotti. Paul Wolfowitz, the second man in the Pentagon, was the first administration official to find out that Al Qaeda attacked the US by a horrifying terrorism, thus demanded that Iraq be attacked.

If the blood of 100,000 Iraqi is cheap, then I accuse all the persons I mentioned of premeditated lying to induce the U.S. into an unjustifiable war, in which more than 1600 Americans were killed, As I request tp put them on trial them for treason and mass murder.

Frankly, I do not expect Franklin's trial to end up on sentencing Israel's spies, since a thousand similar cases were reduced to nil. Should Jonathen Pollard not have been stupid enough to boast about his espionage work for Israel while at the U.S. Navy, his case would have been put away like many others. Then, I could have said that no spy for Israel was ever convicted.

I write, while having in front of me a document titled "the Mother of All Scandals". The document keeps track of Israel's espionage action in the US since 1947, i.e. before it even existed. There are some well-known cases, yet several others came about without publicity; I may get back to tackle them someday. According to official American reports, Israel was the country that spied the most on the US, after the USSR.

Today, I conclude bypaying tribute to George Galloway, the British MP from RESPECT. I completely disagree with him with regards to his support to Saddam and their friendship. However, I agree with every word he said in his address to the Senate's investigation sub-committee. Galloway accused the committee, George Bush and Tony Blair, and held everyone responsible for the war, which led to the killing of more than 1600 American. He said that the committee's work is "the Mother of All Smokescreens" to divert attention away from the crime that has been perpetrated against Iraq.

I support George Galloway's words and believe that he deserves the tribute of every Arab and Muslim in the world for his bravery in upholding the rightful truth."


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