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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Israeli Spy to Work for NSC at White House - AIPAC SCANDAL

SHAKING UP ISRAEL'S SPY NEST... AIPAC SCANDAL RESURFACES: "Franklin worked in the bureau for Near East and South Asian Affairs, under William J. Luti, until he was reassigned in the wake of the scandal: it was Luti who presided over the infamous Office of Special Plans, which was responsible for 'stove-piping' patently false 'intelligence' on Iraq prior to the invasion. According to Julian Borger of the Guardian, there was an identical unit based in Israel that was funneling phony intelligence to key decision-makers: Pentagon analyst Karen Kwiatkowski, now retired, also witnessed a strong Israeli connection, with IDF officers exempted from having to sign in on visits to agency facilities. What is under investigation by the FBI is what Robert Dreyfuss and Jason Vest, writing in Mother Jones, dubbed 'the shadow agency within an agency' � Israel's fifth column in the Defense Department."


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