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Monday, June 27, 2005

Pollard says Sharon is "corrupt, twisted, sick, self-centered political establishment;"

"Pollard: Israel Preparing Barghouti┬┤s Release
Jewish World
Jonathan Pollard warns that Israel is grooming terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life sentences in Israeli prison for his murderous terrorist crimes, to be the next PA leader.

Pollard told Maariv reporter Boaz Gaon, in an interview published on Friday, "Barghouti is coming out. How do we know? We were told." Gaon then reported that Pollard said it was Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who had told him and his wife Esther about the release.

The earlierJustice for Jonathan Pollard organization later said that this was a misquote, and that in fact, Olmert had told a "close associate" of the Pollards.

"Specifically," the clarification stated, "Olmert said that Israel is grooming Barghouti and preparing him to be the next leader of the Palestinians. What is more, we were told that Barghouti intended to run for President of the PA against Abu Mazen - but [White House official] Elliot Abrams, during his visit to Israel, met with Barghouti's people. He gave them ironclad American promises regarding Barghouti, which induced Barghouti to drop out of the elections."

Israel daily Yediot Acharonot reported two weeks ago that top Israeli officials have recommended that the government consider releasing Barghouti. The paper states that the recommendation appears in a secret document that was recently given to senior security cabinet ministers.

Tanzim terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti was found guilty in May 2004 of three terror attacks involving the deaths of five Israelis, planning a fourth attack, and of membership in a terrorist organization. The Tel Aviv District court acquitted him of involvement in 33 other attacks, stating that the evidence against him in those cases was lacking. The Prosecution came under criticism for not succeeding in proving Barghouti's involvement in these incidents.

Pollard brought up the issue of Barghouti in order to highlight his future with that of Barghouti: "This is the way one goes about preparing someone for release. That is the point. The meeting with Barghouti was done in secret; promises were made to him; he was asked to keep a low profile. None of these things have happened in my case, in spite of all of the spin by Sharon's people."

Pollard had strong criticism of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, accusing him of leading a "corrupt, twisted, sick, self-centered political establishment;" of totally ignoring a straightforward initiative to release him that was proposed by someone with close ties to U.S. President George Bush and who said it would be "looked upon favorably" by Bush; and of telling the late Minister Rehavam Ze'evi that the only way he would bring Pollard home is in a coffin."

Regarding the last accusation, Pollard has written, "You [Ariel Sharon] never flinched when this was widely reported in the Israeli media. No shame, no embarrassment and not even a spurious denial. Arik, Arik, what is it that you have on your conscience that makes you fear and hate me so?""


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