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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Harold Rhode is the Source of the Valerie Plame Leak

There is suspicion that the White House learned of Valerie Plame Wilson from a State Department memo. This memo was requested by Ambassador Marc Grossman, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from Carl W. Ford Jr. the then head of INR, State Departments intelligence unit. The request came about two weeks before Ambassador Wilson lit into the Bush Administration for lying about fraudulent reports that Iraq had attempted to buy yellow cake uranium in Niger.

My first reaction was a nagging question about Ambassador Grossman, was he the source of the leak, was he a traitor? There are a number of readily identifiable Administration figures who broke laws to further the Neocon agenda. Ambassador Grossman however does not fit the profile. He had no close associations with AEI, AIPAC, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Mossad, Michael Ledeen, or Richard Perle. Additionally Ambassador Grossman has served with Distinction under both Bushes as well as President Clinton. Israel has had a long time aggressive spying program against the US and not all of the Israeli spies are Neocons. Take Martin Indyk, US ambassador to Israel for instance. Indyk was so obviously a spy that he had his security clearances yanked. Still Grossman does not fit the Indyk profile either.
So I believe Ambassador Grossman is in the clear. Besides he requested the memo before the White House put the crosshairs on Ambassador Wilson, Additionally the Grossman memo calls Mrs. Wilson Valerie Wilson not Valerie Plame. So if not Marc Grossman, who?

One man who also had access to the information on Valerie Plame Wilson stands out as a person of interest, Harold Rhode. Rhode had extensively examined the evidence for Iraqi WMDs as part of the OSP under Doug feith at Pentagon. Rhode is personally very close to Michael Ledeen who is a prime suspect in planting the fraudulent reports that Iraq had attempted to buy yellow cake uranium in Niger. Additionally Rhode is a close associate of Judith Miller who is suspected of supplying the Plame story. They have a long history of working together. Rhode worked for Feith who worked for Wolfowitz. Paul Wolfowitz is also the man who brought Lewis Scooter Libby into Government work. Libby is of course the one who is at the center of the Valerie Plame Wilson leaks. My bet is that Harold Rhode is the source of the Plame leak.


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