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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Comments From Left Field - Churchill as a NeoCon

Comments From Left Field: "Pentagon, recently told me, '' When Bill Luti and his crowd speak of Churchill as a NeoCon it is a telling clue to their strategy. Churchill used spies to bring the US into the war and defeat Hitler. You can read up on Sir William Stephenson (Intrepid) who was the head of the plot. The rational is that they broke a few minor laws for a great good and saved the free world. Stephenson was knighted and the other spies gained money, power, and respect.
This time the Churchill role is played by Sharon and Bill Luti and the others including Doug Feith and Paul Wolfowitz are the ones circumventing US laws to save Israel from militant Islam. Saving Israel is a noble goal but I believe that these men are involved in betraying their country, betraying their oath of office and betraying their sworn duties. Luti uses Churchill to justify causing the needless deaths of over 1500 American service men and women for imaginary weapons of mass destruction.
My opinion and I am sticking to it.
Barry O'Connell"