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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Mossad's New HQ To Be Called The Rosen Center? So What Will Weissman Get

Thank you, Steve Rosen: "Thank you, Steve Rosen
The Israel National News Service reports that the Mossad is in the midst of an internal debate over what to name the spy agency's new main building: The Director, Meir Dagan, wants to honor Mossad agent Eli Cohen -- hanged by the Syrians in 1965 -- but others are opposed to naming it after any particular person. But if any individual is to be so honored, the anti-Cohen faction wants the recognition to go to Isar Harel, the first Mossad chief.

Although no one is likely to ask my humble opinion, I'll give it anyway: what about the Steve Rosen Conference Center -- in honor of the about-to-be-indicted former policy director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), who, along with his aide Keith Weissman and Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin handed over vital U.S. secrets to Israel?

To give you some idea of the gravity of the crimes this spy nest has committed, AIPAC's lawyer, Nathan Lewis, had to get a security clearance before even hearing the charges.

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