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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dershowitz Blames the Jews for Pollard's Imprisonment - Starting with Sharon and Joe Lieberman - Why Not Blame Pollard?

Dershowitz Blames Sharon, Senators for Pollard's Imprisonment
Jewish World
Renowned human rights attorney Alan Dershowitz says that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Jewish U.S. Senators are to blame for Jonathan Pollard’s continued imprisonment.

Dershowitz was asked by Israeli Channel 2 television Thursday to comment on Israeli Ambassador Danny Ayalon's recent prison visit to Pollard. Dershowitz responded that Pollard was right to be angry about the empty gesture. “He should be very upset,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz blasted PM Sharon for "sending the wrong people to speak to the wrong people." He said Sharon failed to send anyone to speak with American Jewish Senators to gain their support.

“Don’t go to talk to the president, go to talk to Joe Lieberman. Go to talk to the Jewish Senators who have urged the president not to release Jonathan Pollard,” he said. “If we can’t persuade the United States Senators who are Jewish to seek Pollard’s release, don’t even bother to ask the president.”

Dershowitz added that the blame for Pollard’s remaining in prison after serving 20 years should be directed toward Senator Joseph Lieberman. “Joseph Lieberman and about five others wrote a letter to Clinton when he was president, urging him not to release Pollard,” Dershowitz said.

“There is no chance for his release unless the Jewish Senators are willing to do something courageous.”

“This is first of all an internal Jewish problem,” Dershowitz insisted, “so don’t blame it on the non-Jews – it is the Jews who are at fault.”