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Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Media Line - AIPAC Spy Trial takes bad turn for the Spy Ring and AIPAC

The Media Line - News Detail: "INDICTED GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL MIGHT TESTIFY AGAINST AIPAC STAFFERS FOLLOWING PLEA BARGAIN… Prospects for two indicted AIPAC staffers turned more ominous with word that Larry Franklin, the Pentagon analyst at the core of the American Israel lobby’s scandal, has agreed to a plea bargain. The move increases speculation Franklin will testify that there was no doubt that Keith Weissman and Steve Rosen knew well that the information they received from Franklin was classified. According to some legal experts, it also shifts the case more in the direction of AIPAC itself. Since the scandal broke, the organization has been saying that it is not a target of the investigation. It also reversed course when it fired Weissman and Rosen after averring that it would stand by the pair throughout the course of the proceedings. If there is a bright spot for the defendants and the organization at this time, it comes from reports that the trial judge is upset with the prosecutors’ refusal to make surveillance tapes available to the defense. JTA news agency reports that Judge T.S. Ellis has hinted that continued refusal to do so could lead to a dismissal of charges."